Coco's Pet Network; People helping people reunite with their pets

Coco’s Pet Network works to provides financial assistance to pet owners who are experiencing “ruff” times. We also support other nonprofits who who help house pets until their humans are back on their feet.

We exist to serve people and pets who have been displaced due to domestic violence or loss of their home. Our goal is to ease the financial burden of safely housing family pets during the worst of times by helping with initial boarding fees. We work with families who fully intended on reuniting with Miss Kitteh or Sir WooferPants once they return to a stable living situation.

Many domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters don’t allow animals. Some people even choose to stay in a dangerous situation because they’re unwilling to give away their pets or leave them at the mercy of their abuser. We don’t like that idea either, so we help with safe, temporary boarding for the pets of people who need to immediately focus on their own safety. Crisis is traumatic for animals too so we strive to help get them into a stable housing immediately. 

In the hopes that we can prevent these beloved members of the family from needlessly taking up shelter space that’s meant for unwanted animals, we raise money to help. Please don’t get us wrong. Fosters, adoptions and shelters are fantastic alternatives to allowing a pet to live in danger. We would never want Spot’s safety or Mitten’s mental health to be in jeopardy. We’re here for survivors who just can’t live without Big Bessie or Senior Slithers, because we feel ya!

Consider donating...any amount helps us towards our goals!

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