Coco’s Pet Network is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation that was founded in 2017. We are governed and run by women who have worked in no-kill animal shelters, sexual assault & domestic violence support centers, in TNR programs, as counselors in the educational system and as residential behavior specialists. We all want a safe place for Miss Pook-Pook-Fishy and to help get Flufferkins back with his family as soon as they are stable and ready.

And without further ado (drumroll please) ... The people that make it happen are (long, dramatic pause):


Jess - Crazy cat lady since 1975

Founder & Executive Director

DOnna headshot.jpg

Donna - Dog mama since diapers

Founding board member & Director of Social Media


Elizabeth -

Pug snuggler extraordinaire

Founding board member & Secretary of the Board of Directors

IMG_2268 2.jpg

Emily - Queen smitten kitten whisperer

Director of Fundraising & Treasurer of the Board of Directors

We saw a gap and we’re working to fill it. You know when you’re just so frustrated that there's just not enough help out there for (insert what gets you all jazzed-up, here)? Well, this kooky bunch of animal loving misfits has identified a need that we are super-passionate about and can help you help others. How awesome is that?